Of course you can homeschool!


Hi i'm answering a few FAQ's today 

Anyone can homeschool and i'll tell you how! 

Where do I start?

How long per day do they need to do school?

How do I know what they need to learn for the year? 

Do you have to keep samples of their work?

What does it mean to homeschool? 

How do you know they “pass” to the next grade?

Are there no tests? Are there no actual grades like traditional schooling? 


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What can I find at LoveLearningOnline?


The Autumn term is in full swing now and everyone is back to school, some of us are relaxed at home teaching our own children and some are confused and anxioius about distancing rules, the use of masks and students who need to be in front of screens for a long time.

Maybe you're looking for a way to homeschool and are confused by all the options out there, you need a guide? A helping hand?

Let us alleviate all your troubles and worries and help you through this confusing time

Our teachers are fully qualifed, highly experienced and thoroughly vetted. 

We will help you find your way click on the link that suits you below:

Join our membership area full of advice and activities to help you start homeschooling

You can take our Homeschooling course

Find interactive lessons for your children Y1-6

Book online tuition for your children Y7-9 

Watch your children begin to love learning forever with www.lovelearningonline.co.uk today!

Click here for more...

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Help your child to LoveLearning


Personalising their learning journey is a sure fire way of getting them interested to study with you. When we change the names to their names as we're reading aloud to them, our children become more invested and involved in the story. 

Kids love inventing and making something new - playing scrabble with them is fun but how about you put a twist on it, like, how many 3(4..5..) letter words can you make in one min?

You can also make a real life computer game - we hide NERF guns and bullets around the house and they have to run around and find them before commencing their battle (Fortnite vibes.)

As home educators we are in the unique position of being able to cater lessons to our childrens individual learning style. We can differentiate lessons and add a personal touch to pique their interest and enjoy learning more. 

One of the most common complaints I hear from parents is that their child doesn't listen or doesn't sit still and pay attention when it's time...

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How long should you homeschool each day?


Home educators often try to replicate school at home when they begin homeschooling. At school there are lots of students and not a lot of one-one contact time between teacher and student. As homeschoolers we have the advantage of one on one tuition all the time so naturally our children will need less time per day. 

Instead of giving them workbooks or busy work let them play and discover and investigate. Even baking cupcakes can become a science experiment by dividing the batter into three,  add more or less baking powder and then see what happens to each set of cupcakes. 

This is lesson time - breaks and outdoor activities or extra curricular aren't included.

You might be surprised but Homeschooling takes a lot less time than going to school all day.

20 mins of focused learning for a pre-schooler may not seem enough but remember they will be learning through play most of the time. 

There is overlap in the older years because some students need more or less...

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Uncategorized Jun 04, 2020

I'm writing this post at 1am probably because I drank too much coffee today trying to stay awake and do a zillion things at once. Long story short - I was teaching online during a thunderstorm outside and had to ensure all my own kids were actively engaged too. We did it -just about!

I wanted to write this post as a reminder we are only human and not to expect too much of ourselves during this time. In particular I want to focus on our teenaged children, and how all this change and upheaval has affected their mental health. Two months ago they'd only heard of one kind of Corona and now here it is affecting their daily life and I don't know what your teenagers are like but I did manage to get some quotes from a few I know and it surprised me a little bit how deeply they think about these things. I honestly thought they'd be happy to have no school for a few weeks in fact I asked my friend’s nephew for his opinion for my blog today and his mum told us he was asleep and glad...

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WIN-WIN - SPA DAY for me and CAR RAMP for them!

I've thought about this a lot in the past week and I'm hearing that many of my fellow teachers have too. I'm sure that most of us enjoy the weekends by going out, socialising with other people, visiting fun places and having wide open beaches and parks to enjoy especially in the current beautiful spell of weather we're having. Myself, I enjoy going for treatments at the salon it gives me an hour or so to myself in the generally quiet atmosphere of the salon while being pampered in some way; mani, pedi, blow dry, massage being in my top 4 choices so we decided to have a spa day at home today.

So for a simulated Thai massage I lay down on the floor and got my 3 and 5 year olds to jump up and down on my back. It was rejuvenating to say the least and it entertained them for a few mins too. Next it was time for a hair treatment so my eldest dyed my hair (and her clothes and the dining table!) I know I joke but it was lovely looking in the mirror after washing it and feeling a thousand...

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4 Scavenger hunts, 3 games and the HOKEY COKEY!

More fun, free ideas for your kiddos

So what's been happening folks? Been anywhere nice lately? (sorry bad joke!)

It's getting a bit tedious trying to keep the children occupied at home but we've (un)luckily been busy with their schoolwork most of the week. My high schoolers are on zoom meetings now some of the time as well as my husband and I teaching pretty much all day. So a fun activity has been to send the littles off on a little hunt around the house... it keeps them occupied and the game can literally carry on for ages. I was on a facebook group where this lists were shared so i'm sharing them here too! Thanks to Amber Kothe and Yesette Terrazas

Another game to play is to hide a smallish object or teddy bear in the room and get them to hunt for it, as they get closer you say hotter and as they get further away you say colder. They'll start practicing their english as well, they'll start saying boiling hot or freezing cold, it gets more fun as they get more practice and more...

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3 easy ways to encourage a peaceful house during an international crisis

Hello!! Hope you're all well, this post was motivated by reading all these posts and memes on social media about lots of families being stuck together and the thousands of parents who are finding this time hard. Especially working parents, we have to somehow to double the work expected normally because we're under pressure to prove that we are actually working from home and do all the things at home without the usual help from people we outsource our chores to. We don't even own a lawnmower so I was thinking of going out there with a pair of scissors today is what I'm talking about! My husband putting hand sanitiser on my son's foot when he cut it, is another fun thing that happened today. We also played hide and seek and had to keep pretending not to find the 3 year old when she stuck her head under the sofa and I’m happy to announce- in an amazing turn of events our electic-homeschooling parenting style has somehow made the teenagers get around to not only cleaning...

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3 Creative ways to stay busy at home

Canons firing to mark the first day of Ramadan outside Dubai Mall (library picture)

Good morning, afternoon or evening wherever you are or whatever time you happen to read this note. I haven't been able to blog this weekend as together with many Muslims around the world we welcomed Ramadan in the UAE last Thursday. Our kids have their advent calendars ready and we made our own Ramadan celebration board to really get into the mood.

Ramadan Kareem to you all!

Muslims around the world fast from dawn to dusk for 30 days. Fasting because God asked them to do it. Of course it allows us to be more aware of how fortunate we are but the main essence of Ramadan is to get closer to God through extra prayer and worship. So if your students seem more tired this month cut them a bit of slack. In fact over here we're only teaching from 10am-2pm these days to ensure the students get some time to rest and recuperate. It is fascinating to note that almost all the Worlds' Religions practice fasting...

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7 Easy ways to prank your family, bond with your children and create happy memories of staying home with the family.

Hello everyone! Welcome back - I want to shout out to our new readers all the way from US, UAE and India - it's time like this in a global crisis we really realise how alike we all are!

This week has been very busy with the increase in online sessions for our children with their school and the continuation with our online lessons for our students. We haven't had a lot of down time as a family so we didn't really do anything as arty as these guys right here; Making heart window decorations (but I have put it on my list for posting in our neighbourhood FB.) Also you gotta love Banksy -always on point

I know that most of us are too busy to do all these fancy things so we've come up with some more easy ideas to have fun at home -ENJOY

So the restaurant idea was the easiest because all it involved was changing our venue for eating, the plan originally was to eat outside but by the time the food was ready it was dark so we changed to a meal in the living room, we placed cushions around...

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