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Personalising their learning journey is a sure fire way of getting them interested to study with you. When we change the names to their names as we're reading aloud to them, our children become more invested and involved in the story. 

Kids love inventing and making something new - playing scrabble with them is fun but how about you put a twist on it, like, how many 3(4..5..) letter words can you make in one min?

You can also make a real life computer game - we hide NERF guns and bullets around the house and they have to run around and find them before commencing their battle (Fortnite vibes.)

As home educators we are in the unique position of being able to cater lessons to our childrens individual learning style. We can differentiate lessons and add a personal touch to pique their interest and enjoy learning more. 

One of the most common complaints I hear from parents is that their child doesn't listen or doesn't sit still and pay attention when it's time to learn. Funnily enough school teachers often complain about the same thing.

Why? Maybe it's because kids aren't really cut out for sitting still and studying for hours at a time. As a beginner teacher in 2005 I found an awesome way of making sure my students paid attention, we split the lesson into 3 parts and transition to the next part with a quick Brain Gym activity. Now in 2020 I'm still using the same ideas to give my 5 year old a break while we're learning, he loves playing the Jelly bean game (From the Pre-K Guide) in between tasks and because he gets to choose the next action its personalised learning at its best.

The improvement in whole brain function that can result from use of the Brain Gym® movements has benefits such as:

  • academic skills – for example, reading, writing, spelling and maths
  • memory, concentration and focus
  • physical co-ordination and balance
  • communication skills and language development
  • self-development and personal stress management
  • the achievement of goals, both professional and personal

LoveLearningOnline lesson plans have a dedicated section to differentiation so you can teach the same topic to siblings of different ages and ensure they all make progress. Our Homeschooling Basics Course Seminars include handy help sheets every week on disciplining your children, mindfulness tehniques and Brain gym activities. 

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