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Personalising their learning journey is a sure fire way of getting them interested to study with you. When we change the names to their names as we're reading aloud to them, our children become more invested and involved in the story. 

Kids love inventing and making something new - playing scrabble with them is fun but how about you put a twist on it, like, how many 3(4..5..) letter words can you make in one min?

You can also make a real life computer game - we hide NERF guns and bullets around the house and they have to run around and find them before commencing their battle (Fortnite vibes.)

As home educators we are in the unique position of being able to cater lessons to our childrens individual learning style. We can differentiate lessons and add a personal touch to pique their interest and enjoy learning more. 

One of the most common complaints I hear from parents is that their child doesn't listen or doesn't sit still and pay attention when it's time...

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