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We use an interactive classroom approach that is focused on student engagement and active learning.

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Talk to other parent educators and learn tips and tricks and get support from teachers and home educators. 

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We use interactive apps & include assessment during the lesson for focused student centered learning. 

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We've created an interactive online curriculum for the 21st century child. 

Blended Learning at its best.

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"Sara and her team are super professional. They are using various apps to keep the lessons interactive. Everything was well-structured and both of my kids had learned so much. I highly recommend LoveLearning! Thanks so much my dear Sara Adams."

Lara Jennings

"I was worried about my GCSEs this year, but Miss Sara has helped me so much. She makes the lessons interactive and fun which really helps me learn."

Mariyah Eftihar

"Sara Adams is a qualified and experienced teacher. She’s super friendly with children and can explain complex concepts in simple terms MashaAllah. I would highly recommend her professional tutoring services to all. With her, your children will LoveLearningOnline insha’Allah☺️"

Iroda Ahmed

"They absolutely loved it, I was unsure if it would be suitable for my 12-year-old but it seems to be pitched perfectly and was suitable for both the 9-year-old and 12-year-old, they were engaged with the lessons and are looking forward to next week. Brilliant value, thank you LoveLearningOnline💕"

Nazma Khatoun

"Mashallah tabrkallah, I absolutely love LoveLearningOnline, Sara Adams and her team are professional, passionate about the work they do and use the best techniques to get the students engaged."

Iram Bint Safia

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