Meet The Teachers

Sara Adams

Sara is an excellent teacher with over 15 years experience as a teacher, examiner and moderator.

Sara graduated from Queen Mary's University of London. She completed her PGCE and qualified as a teacher in 2004. She is a qualified British teacher with a DBS certificate.

Sara is also a qualified CPD Coach that runs her own teacher training channel on YouTube. She is a recognized Apple and Microsoft Educator too.

Having worked with many SEN and EAL students over the years, she has developed some excellent methods of teaching. As an experienced teacher who loves what she does, she has high expectations and endeavours to ensure every child achieves their potential and is not left behind. 

Muhammad Zahid

Muhammad is a proficient and passionate teacher and also has over 15 years experience as a teacher, examiner and moderator.

Muhammad graduated from Queen Mary's University of London and pursued a few different avenues before he settled down to teach. He then completed his PGCE in 2005. He is a qualified British teacher with a DBS certificate.

Muhammad is the Director of Maths at a prestigious private school in the Middle East.

Muhammad is the epitome of professionalism and enthusiasm as he pursues his lifelong goal of making a difference in children’s lives. He understands the importance of impacting children from a young impressionable age. That way he wins both their approval and respect. Lessons are enjoyable and exciting thanks to Muhammad's experience and friendly but firm approach. 

Wejdan Gabriel

Wejdan Gabriel is our Arabic Teacher. She is a native speaker and has an excellent track record of successfully teaching English to Arabic speaking students. Therefore Wejdan is the ideal choice for teaching English Speakers Arabic. As a fluent advanced speaker of both languages, she teaches in a way that the students can relate to very easily.

Wejdan is the best choice for our learners. She’s proficient at using learning apps and understands and uses technology well. She has taught Sara's own children and is a firm favourite with them. This is why we can say with complete confidence that she will do an excellent job with yours too!

She has a BA in Management and Information Systems from Sharjah University and has been working in education for 10 years. She has over 10 years of experience teaching private Arabic and English lessons.

The best success story she has to share is her experience teaching a young boy from Iraq. He was forced to leave his country and miss two years of schooling, due to the war. He could not speak any English and was extremely weak in all subjects. A few years later, he is fluent in English and preparing to enter university. This is due in equal parts to his hard work and Wejdan’s assistance!

Wejdan is extremely passionate about learning languages. One of the languages she has been fascinated with is her mother tongue, Arabic: The language of the Qur’an. She is super excited to share her passion for languages by doing something close to her heart- teaching- to make a difference in her students' lives.