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All The Tools You Need To Home Educate Your Child Successfully.

What you'll get:

  • Interactive Lessons made by qualified teachers.

  • Based on the UK National Curriculum, with elements of Waldorf, Steiner, Montessori, Nature based play and STEM.

    All lessons can be done Online or Offline -whichever you prefer

  • All the activity ideas and templates you need for every topic. * Mastery of the topic is encouraged by practice and reinforcement

  • A song, story and kitchen** activity to support the theme of the week in Y1-3

  • Especially selected videos, powerpoints and tutorials for Y4-6. 

  • Parent support and guidance- info-sheet with every lesson and/or extra videos or weblinks.

  •  40% off for siblings 

  • Weekly webinars on learning and guidance on how to use the activities with your children

  • All the NC objectives are covered plus ideas for extension and project work. 

    With special emphasis on Phonics and Numeracy to build a solid foundation.

  • All purchases include exclusive access to our members area where you will find lot's of help and support for homeschooling, video tutorials, downloadable worksheets and templates. 

*It's an interactive and activity based curriculum. 

**Parental guidance required for Kitchen activities and Science experiments


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All you need for a busy year with your little ones packed full of activities and ideas to learn through play. Special emphasis on Phonics and Numeracy to build a solid foundation.

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All you need for a fun filled year with your 6-7 year olds. Science Maths and English are included and other topics integrated within the lessons. 

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All you need for a action packed year 3 with your child.  With ideas and support for extension activities. 

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Year Four's will really enjoy these lessons and we get stuck into more Science at this age too. As always using recycleable household items.

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Fabulous lessons directed toward independent learning for year 5, parental guidance needed for the cooking activities and we get more adventurous with the ART too. 

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Year 6 

The Pinnacle of Primary, students will consolidate their learning in preparation for secondary school.  Structured Art and Kitchen activities will give them skills they can use in the future if they take a GCSE in it in the future.

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