About us:

Who are we? We are a team of teachers from the UK with over 100 years of experience between us all! We have created an easy-to-use blended curriculum. This is perfect for you. the working parent, to enable you to homeschool your children easily.
Our activities from age 3-7 are based on 'Learning through play.' We recommend hands on activities and give you ideas on how to make learning fun! 
From age 8-11 we focus on mini-projects to hone in on those cross-curricular skills. The core subjects Maths, English and Science are built upon in this phase and they have ample time to practice.
Age 11-14 we move on to more formal teaching through the online tutorials and build in assessment in each lesson. Providing natural checkpoints for them so we ensure they master a topic before moving on. The bi-weekly webinars give them a chance to socialise and ask questions to a specialist teacher.
By age 14 the learning becomes more exam focused and we get them ready for GCSE's or IGCSE through project based learning. At this point you can opt to do the IGCSE's one year early or spend more time on the foundations. (coming soon)
Age 14-18 they will follow a formal curriculum, ensuring they are ready for their final exams. They will have video tutorials to watch and have webinars and workshops to attend where they can clarify any misconceptions and ensure they're ready for the real world. (coming soon)
By subscribing to us you will benefit from having an experienced team of teachers at your fingertips. With specialists in Maths, English and all three Sciences as well as EAL and an SEN consultant; Making learning accessible to all. 
We look forward to welcoming you and your family to Love Learning Online.
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